Most Anticipated Games of Gen Con 50!

We are one day away from the largest gaming convention in the world, and we would like to give you our top picks for this year’s roleplaying and board game releases.

Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time

You know how the story goes. An evil genius travels throughout time and steals powerful artifacts only to hoard them in his creepy mansion. Someone calls it in, and you and your friends are tasked to retrieve them and return them to their correct place in the timeline. Welcome to Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time!

Designers Matthew Dunstan (Elysium, Relic Runners) and Brett J. Gilbert (Elysium, Dice Heist) bring us this beautiful cooperative board game. It’s a race against time as you and up to three of your friends take on one of four roles and infiltrate Professor Evil’s mansion. Each player moves through every room unlocking doors, disabling traps, and retrieving the treasures. Once the players collect four of the treasures, the game ends with victory. However, Professor Evil moves after each player’s turn, locking doors and reactivating traps. If time runs out or the Professor collects four treasures, the game ends and the players lose.

Fun Forge and Passport Games Studio look to have delivered this year, and I have definitely added this game to my “Must Buy” list. Professor Evil and the Citadel of Evil has similar mechanics to Gamewright’s Forbidden Island. Having a game work against the players adds great tension and brings everyone together as a team. I personally cannot wait to get this to the table.


Ghosts of Dathomir


A mysterious and powerful artifact suddenly surfaces in the Outer Rim. Your journey will bring you face-to-face with a ruthless Hutt kajidic, unrelenting Force visions, and an Inquisitor! Oh and you’ll discover dark secrets of the galaxy along the way. This is Star Wars Force and Destiny: Ghosts of Dathomir.

Everything I have read about this adventure sounds amazing. As a GM, I love to face the players with their inner demons, and let them choose to decide which steps they make next. So when I read that this adventure will bring Jedi and Force-Sensitive characters to face their Dark Side, I was immediately on board. Plus, I love the Inquisitors from Star Wars Rebels. I am glad Fantasy Flight Games is utilizing what the Inquisitors are and what they stand for. It definitely adds a lurking threat on the horizon, and keeps the players on the edges of their seats.

Fantasy Flight Games is notorious for keeping their Gen Con released close to the chest. Keeping release announcements until the convention definitely draws in the crowd to their booth. As no word has been announced for the release of Ghosts of Dathomir, I have high hopes to see this adventure module this year at Gen Con 50!


Bunny Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to be a Lord? Does conquering new lands appeal to you? Are you a master of strategy? Great! Now how do you feel about bunnies?

The title Bunny Kingdom might make a few snicker, but don’t dismiss this game of fluffy-tailed fiefdoms quite yet.  Bunny Kingdom is brought to you by game designer Richard Garfield.  Does that name perk up your ears? That is right! Bunny Kingdom is brought to you by the same mastermind behind Magic the Gathering and King of Tokyo

In Bunny Kingdom, you draft cards to expand your territory and grow strong bunny clans. Location cards will give you coordinates to a spot on the board where you can place one of your bunny tokens. Cities can be built by obtaining building cards. Parchment cards grant you either end of game missions or treasure to score more points.  Points are also scored by connecting your cities to resources.

It seems like a game that will be easy to learn, play, and teach to others. Family games appeal to me since we always played them while I was growing up. They are a wonderful way to have our young gamers to grow up strong in the geek muscle.

Oh, and did I mention the bunnies? The artwork on the cards is filled with the most adorable floppsy-eared folk. If this game sounds like it might be your cup of carrot juice then hop over to Iello to check out Bunny Kingdom.


Growing up I was completely mad for Dinosaurs. My shelves had Raptors, Steggos, and Triceratops sitting right next to Barbies and ponies. (Let me tell you, having a roaring T-Rex dressed up in doll clothes is quite the sight).  It was my dream to grow up to study the ‘terrible lizards’ in all their glory. I’d find myself imaging how cool it would be to ride on the back of a Brontosaurus, have a stable filled with Saurolophus, or have a pet Aquilops.  

Luckily Monte Cooke Games is ready to reward anyone that had the same childhood fantasies of dinosaur companionship. Predation is a Cypher System campaign setting written by Shanna Germain that thrust you back to the Cretaceous Era.

The Idea behind Predation doesn’t start in the past, however, it begins in the future.  Your character will be the decedent of a time traveler that made the journey back in time to get a new start. However, there is now the ever looming knowledge an asteroid bent on mass extinction is growing ever closer. The problem is the way back to the future has been lost.  Will you find a way back to the future before it is too late? Should civilization go back or let the asteroid claim everything?  Gather up your favorite dinosaur and seek the answers with a jaunting adventure through Predation.

What are your Must Have games releasing tomorrow at Gen Con 50? Have you played any of our picks? Let us know by commenting below!

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