You know the story. The bad guy stole some pretty important items, and now it’s your job to steal them back. Welcome to Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time by game designers Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert, of Costa Rica and Elysium fame, and published by Fun Forge Games. We gathered up our friends to take on this Players vs. Game cooperative race against time to let you know what we think!

     Professor Evil has used his time machine to steal priceless artifacts across time and is storing them in his castle aptly named the Citadel of Time. You and up to three of your fellow adventurers have been tasked to sneak into the Citadel and retrieve these relics of past, present and future, before Professor Evil locks them away in his vault forever!

     Treasures like the Hope Diamond, the Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone, could all be lost if you cannot disable the traps and nab four of the treasures before time runs out. Three treasures will be placed during game setup, and when one treasure is won or lost, a new treasure will be revealed. Each treasure will receive a marker on the clock which will be explained below. On your great quest to recover these treasures, you will face locked doors and dastardly traps as the lurking Professor roams his hallways undoing all you have done!

     But beware, if four treasures are lost, the game is over, the Professor wins, the good guys go home with their tails between their legs. Hey, even the bad guys need a win occasionally. Am I right? I digress.


     You and your friends choose to play one of five different heroes all with their unique abilities and individual card decks. Each turn, a player reveals two cards from their deck from which the player may choose to do one of these actions in addition to three of the following base actions: move, unlock doors, disable traps, and retrieve treasures. You will want to read your action cards aloud for your teammates to choose which card will best help. You may play these cards at any time during your turn.

     You then will move room to room through unlocked doors and flipping over the switches for traps. When all traps for a specific treasure has been disabled, you can secure that specific treasure. Going into each turn without a plan could spell disaster for the players. Each decision is important as the Professor moves after every player’s turn. However, the chaos that is the Professor could also destroy the players’ perfectly laid plans.

     When the time marker moves onto the Three and Nine spaces on the clock, the players decide which character card will be flipped over to reveal special abilities that can be played on each turn. However, you must choose wisely on which power seems the most beneficial to your success. The top abilities can be used each turn, but the bottom ability triggers the loss of the abilities as it may only be used once. Most abilities seem fairly balanced, but some like Goodwin’s “Take as many actions this turn,” even while being a onetime use, feels extremely overpowered.


     After each player’s turn, the Professor moves throughout the Citadel. His movement is based on the results of the color die and the Professor die. The Professor will move as many as one, two, and three spaces, through the secret passage, or none instead decreasing time on the clock counterclockwise. The direction of the Professor moves is based on the color die, representing which carpet color that guide him through specific rooms. Each room the Professor traversed through and into will receive a dismal display of discontent: he locks all doors and resets all traps as he moves.

     If the Professor lands in a room where a player had ended their turn, the player is booted from the Citadel and will have to reenter on their next turn. The ejected character can choose where to reenter, but entered onto a room does cost one of your three base actions.

     Remember those treasure tokens on the clock that I mentioned above? The final die rolled moves the time marker clockwise on the clock. Once the time marker lands on or passes a treasure marker, the corresponding treasure will be lost to the players and move the Professor one step closer to victory!




     All in all, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time is an amazing game. The artwork from the detail of the rooms on the gameboard down to the characters and treasure cards is simply gorgeous.The game carries a very stylized pulp and steampunk theme in every visualization.

The gameplay is simple and while unforgiving at times is extremely addictive and rewarding! The game does a great job of keeping players engaged, creating new plans together after the Professor thwarted the previous six plans. Also, you must work together if you are to succeed. Teamwork makes the dream work!

If you like working as a team with other players and enjoy games like Forbidden Island, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time should be a must-have in your game collection. We love this game and cannot recommend it enough!


Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time is slated to be released this Fall. Check with your Friendly Local Game Store, FunForge Games, Passport Game Studios, and online retailers for preorder and availability! For more information on FunForge Games,  you can visit their website by clicking their logo to the right!

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