The aroma of freshly baked donuts and brewing coffee makes your mouth water as you press your face against the window of the bakery’s counter. You eye the selection and try to decide: Jelly-filled or cream-filled? Powdered or glazed? Plain, strawberry, or chocolate?  Looking over you catch other customers next to you eyeing the same pastries with hunger in their eyes. Who will grab that last Éclair?! It has become a race to see who can get their order in first; it is time to Go Nuts for Donuts!

    Go Nuts for Donuts! is a new family friendly game designed by Zacharay Eagle and published by Daily Magic Games in partnership with Gamewright. Go Nuts for Donuts! is fast, fun, and easy to learn. The game is set-up placing donut row indicators equal to one plus the number of players. Once you set the rows, you hand each player cards with numbers corresponding to the numbers on the row indicator. For example, if there are four players there are five row indicators and each player receives cards marked 1 through 5. 

    One donut is placed under each row marker for the players to bid on. Each player then lays, face down, the card that corresponds to the donut they wish to buy. If more than one player bids on the same donut card, the card is discarded from the game. If no one else bids on the same donut, each player receives their prized pastry. All spaces left open by a donut either ‘bought’ or discarded are filled with a card from the donut deck. Rinse and repeat until the donut deck is depleted of cards. 


DESIGNER:                                           ZACHARY EAGLE

ARTIST:                                         CLAIRE DONALDSON

PUBLISHER:                                 DAILY MAGIC GAMES


PLAYERS:                                                                    2 – 4

PLAYING TIME:                                           20 MINUTES

AGE:                                                                               8 +

MECHANISMS:                                                   BIDDING

                                                               CARD DRAFTING

                                                              SET COLLECTION

   The majority of donut cards have a number value printed on them, with only a few without, granting the power to draw from the deck, discard pile or just give another player a card. The values of the cards are either static numbers or valued as a set scaling upward with the more cards from a particular set collected. The Donut Holes card is a good example of this; one donut hole only scores you 1 point, but two donut holes scores you 3 points, three donut holes scores you 6, four earns you 10, and you get 15 points for five or more. Once the game ends, total of all your donuts’ values for your final points. The highest number of points wins.

    There is a minuscule amount of ‘take that’ which makes it easier for younger players who may get upset mean tactics.  It may be frustrating for some younger players if opponents keep placing down the same number as someone else. That isn’t always as terrible as it may seem. With the proper encouragement children can be taught to push past momentary defeat and to discourage “griefing” others at the table.

    Gamewright is fantastic when it comes to games geared towards families. They always include a label on their box with what kids can gain from playing. Go Nuts for Donuts! is marked as teaching probability and strategy; probability when bidding for donut cards and strategy in set collecting donuts that could give you the highest scores.

    Younger players will benefit from the practice of basic math skills of addition and subtraction when it comes time to tally up their final score. Go Nuts for Donuts! also creates the perfect setting for family bonding. I love my electronics as much as the next girl, but at times it is best to take a break from the digital world and spend some face-to-face time with the people we care about most.

    Gamewright lists the age recommendation as 8+, but I think that this game may be enjoyable for kids as young as 4 or 5 depending on their stage of development and maturity. The box isn’t huge making it easy to take to a party or play in line while waiting for your next con event. I really enjoy playing Go Nuts for Donuts! It gets my approval for being family-friendly and kid-approved. This may be my new go-to gateway game to draw new players into the wonderful world of board and card games.


What are your favorite donuts?  Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image and Artwork Credit:  Claire Donaldson / Daily Magic Games / Gamewright

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